Creative Writing: Mara's Last Fight

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The powerful hand at Mara's throat had seized any impertinent response to his angry outburst, and left the succubus gasping and choking on her own poisonous words, “You want me to live. You, make me cum,” she barely managed her subtle demand against the increasing pressure. But the retort was immediately punished by another angry hand across her reddened cheek. With her hands bound and chained, her insidious instigation had become her only weaponry, and Brennan seemed resolute to rid her of that as well. Mara's alabaster-white face was now flushed with anger, furious at the pathetically weak display he had remorselessly transformed her into. The irony of the vulnerable men she had mounted whilst her own dangerous hands crushed the life from…show more content…
throbbed deep into her flowing sex and into his cupped hand, and the sensation seemingly washed away the resentment Mara had for this cruel captor of hers. The anger, the spite, the atrocious images of revenge she had concocted especially for Brennan... they were all gone, and replaced with the overwhelming hunger for more of his touch. That confident demeanor that the demoness once boasted melted into worry. What was this feeling that now consumed her? Was it desperation? Fear? No... she wanted this. She was so eager for the mild mannered commander, who had started off treating her with kindness, to reveal himself as the perverted brute that she believed all men truly were. But the past fruitless nights in their prison had left Mara's neglected cunt sensitive to the smallest touch. And her body could hardly contain itself once the hand began to aggressively assault the dripping, lush…show more content…
It hadn't mattered. She enjoyed his rage. For it was not she that he was afraid of, but rather the anger and lust that coiled around his tainted soul and shamed him before the Light. And as he dared further with her dangerous game, it would only draw it out and ultimately consume him. Mara had learned that quickly after she had crossed over. In the Dark, could one rid themselves of the guilt of what the world deemed “sins”. After all, sins were just desires that deserved to be satisfied, so said the dogma of her Dark Lord. She could almost pity Brennan. Why were some humans so devoted to a creed that hated them so, that forced them into misery disguised as piety? That stripped them of what made them
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