Creative Writing: Masmine Christmas

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Jasmine J
Masmine Christmas “Masmine” said Mr. and Mrs. Jones “were going out to dinner, so take Care of Bob”. Masmine barked to the Jones to say goodbye and to have a good time. Bob started to cry and Masmine brought him a bottle so he could eat. After bob finished eating Masmine changed his diaper and clothes, and put him on his back and headed down the stairs. On the way down the stairs bob had fell off Masmine’s back. Masmine grabbed bob by his shirt and flung him on top of his back, and started back down the stairs. Bob felt Masmine’s heartbeat and smiled because he knew her heart was strong. Masmine licked bob’s hand, and finished walking down the stairs.
They made their way into the hall and saw a Christmas tree.
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Masmine ran through the snow trying to get away from the dog. They lost him when they arrived back to their house, Ghram the pussycat that lived there open the door. When he opened the door he said “yall late’’ they knew ghram was in a bad mood because he had a nasty attitude when he started to talk.
Ghram had the fire going with masmine, bob, the dog from the store, and grace and jack who were the rats, by his side. They sat on the rug looking at the fire thinking about tomorrow and opening presents. Bob started to yawn and the next thing you know they were all yawning. The fire was out and everybody was a sleep. The Christmas tree was lit up and bob was sleepy he started to snore. The snow was falling all night long the plants and snow as decorations. Masmine woke up to the sounds of bells from outside. She tried to go back to sleep but she heard the sound again. Bob started to wake so she put her paw on his back and rubbed him back to sleep.
Masmine kept hearing the sounds of bells so she eased from behind bob. When she made her way into the hall she heard a loud BOOM! So she ran to go see what that noise
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Santa got off from his sleigh and grabbed the sack and slung it across his shoulders. The reindeers were blowing smoke from their nose. Santa walked up to masmine and patted her on her head and said “ho ho ho.’’ The reindeers started to eat the plants and trees, Santa started walking up to the door and masmine followed behind him.
Masmine open the door for Santa and they walked in. they made their way into the living room to see everybody sleep. Santa said “look how cute,’’ he smiled and put his sack on the floor.
Santa pulled out cheese for Grace and Jack, so when they wake up they could enjoy it. He also pulled out a bone for the dog from the store, so he could chew on it when he wakes up. Masmine pulled out a raw fish and laid it next ghram, so he could swallowed it when he gets up.
Santa pulled out a collar for masmine to wear, it was red and said “merry Christmas to masmine.’’ Masmine grabbed a baby hat out of the sack and put it on bob. Bob was so cute when he slept that masmine and Santa shed a tear. Santa patted masmine on the head and smiled. He walked to the chimney and through his sack up on the roof, and shimmied up the chimney and left to go back to the North Pole. Masmine watched him leave and heard bob start to cry so she head over to
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