Creative Writing: Module 11

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On a rainy day in Albany New York a cop named Derek walks into his office building.When he walks in he here's his friend calling “Hey Derek, boss wants to see you in his office, he says it is important”, so Derek walks up to his bosses office. When he walks in his boss's office he says “ Close the door behind you,come sit” so he sits in front of his bosses desk. “Thanks you Derek for coming in, I have a very important assignment for you do you accept” his boss says “Yes” Derek says “Good I have found out that here is a rat in the building that is giving away important information to unwanted hands” his boss said “ What kind of information are they giving out” Derek asks. “They have been giving things out like access codes and weapons addresses” his boss said.…show more content…
When he reaches to his bosses floor he sees him walk to the emergency exit. Derek follows him to see what's going on. He follows him walk four blocks then walk into a dark alley. Derek follows him quietly and hides so his boss couldn’t see him. He sees his boss talking to some man and handing him important documents then Derek realizes “my boss is the rat”. So he takes out his phone and calls 911 for back up but right after the number dialed the man that was talking to his boss grabs him and says “gotcha” and Derek is pulled back and he drops his phone on the ground. Then he pulls out a gun and and has him put his hands up. “Derek says I won’t tell anyone I promise” but his boss says “No way are we letting you go.” They have him at gunpoint and are checking his pockets for weapons and phones. The man and his boss thinks of what they're going to do with him. But before they can back up of police come to save Derek. “Put your gun down and put you hands up where I can see them” a officer says. Then they take his boss and the man he was with to Jail and Derek finally solved the case of who the rat
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