Creative Writing: Mr. Cookie Man

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All day I search for cool people that would accept me as their friend. but just as I guessed I couldn't find anybody. At lunch recess I sat in front of class, knees bent, arms crossed. Then like angels descending from the sky The Group passes by. They are walking, talking and laughing together. These are the people anyone wants to be friends with. There’s Carter Johnson. She is sneaky and funny. Also Alisha Joanson and Felicia Shadoof, the half sisters. Alisha was also known as Ali. Brandon Jones, the hungry one. As usual with some kind of food in his mouth. Usually it was a cookie. That's why he’s called Mr. Cookie Man. Alex Cooper the uniquely kind one. That's when a huge miracle happened. They walked close to me and looked my way whispering…show more content…
Where is your phone?” “I don't know, you had it last…….. then does that mean you lost it! I paid for that with my own money, and it was not cheap!” I yelled. “Of course not! How dare you think that!” “Then. Where. Is. It?” I growled. “I don't know.” “I’m. Not. Going. To. Talk. To. Anyone. Until. It. Is. Found.” “FINE! Then live a lonely life!” she said as she spun around and slammed the door as she left. Couple hours later it is dinner and everyone sits around the dinner table quietly eating their food. “My branch is letting me off work earlier and I had just gotten my paycheck, so I was wondering what we should do.” Dad said. “SNOW!!!!!” Sofia yelled. Everyone looked at her crossly for her loud outburst. “Oh sorry, I just really want to go to the snow,” she says her face turning the color of a tomato. “Um, ok there’s a suggestion. Anything else?” Nobody answered and just stared blankly. As for me there were plenty of ideas swirling around in my head. We could go to Hawaii, France, Japan and all those other cool places I want to visit. But I just bit my tongue and stared blankly at my father. “Ooooooookay, snow it is. Be prepared to leave a week before the new
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