Creative Writing: Murderer's Den

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Murderer’s Den

It’s was a hot Friday evening in California, with the sun glaring down at everyone and heat building up. Billy couldn't take the heat any more, sweat was dripping down his body and then
Bang! He fell straight to the ground. He woke up beside his mother. “Oh Billy are you okay?” frightenedly asked Billy’s mother “I'm fine mother, it was really hot outside today and it was unmanageable.” Billy responded “Oh thank god you're fine!” She said happily
Then the doorbell rang “Ding Dong”. Billy's mother went to go check who was at the door and it was Bob. Bob is Billy’s best friend they have been best friend for just over 7 years. “Hey, Billy how you feeling now?” Bob asked “I'm good just a little tired,”
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Today was different, there was major construction happening, so they went another way which lead them through the woods. “Hey Bob, I don't know about going through the woods, it looks pretty scary,” Billy informed “It’s okay don't worry about it I've went through these woods a million times.” Bob objected While walking in the woods they passed across a dark and gloomy house with all the windows shattered. “Doesn’t that house looks like it's abandoned? Why don’t we go inside and record it. I'm going to have a great Snapchat story. ”urged Bob “I don't think that's a great idea” Billy blurted out “Don't worry it's going to be fun and I'm going to get so many views.” “I mean if you really want, there isn't going to be someone actually living in here”

The door to the house was already open so they entered the house with no problem.
When entering the house they saw furniture and some food laying around. After waking in the house for a while they then realized that someone is actually living in the house. “I told you, not to go inside the house Bob.” Billy scream with anger “HEY WHO’S IN MY HOUSE?” A thundering voice
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“Hey, Billy what do you think this place is?” Bob questioned “I don't know but it smells like someone died in here.”
While roaming in the basement for a place to hide they tripped over some knives and ripped their shoe.
They were confused and then realized that this is the murders den. So they just played their self. Then the heard footsteps coming towards them, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.
They knew it was over for them. “Hey Bob, you know you have been my best friend for over 7 years and it has been the best thing that ever happened to my life,” Billy said with tears “Billy I'm going to miss you t-“ BANG!! Everyone starts to think about life, what they should have done and what they shouldn’t have done. But what if life gives you another chance? “Thank God, Billy you're finally awake.” Billy’s Mother screams with joy. “Wait, what happened,” Billy said confusingly “You fainted because of the heat.” “Oh really?”
Ding Dong. Billy’s mother went to go check who was at the door. It was Bob.
“Hey Billy if you're feeling fine, do you want to come play outside. Bob said excitedly “No it’s okay,” Billy said with a smirk on his face.
Then he started
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