Creative Writing: Murmur

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1: Chapter One: Murmur

The conditioned air of the dorm room is a relief from the sweltering mid-afternoon heat. I arrived while everyone's in the middle of class. The headmistress has given me a small tour around the school's various buildings. Two students per dorm room.

"Please change into your uniform. Since tomorrow being Saturday your roommate will give you a more in-depth tour. Gabrielle, I warn you to keep your secrets close."

Turning from the room, "Do I really havta play school?"

"Yes. Temperance Academy prides itself on the perfection of the students. Our school is one of the most prestigious in the country."

I reply, "And...? Of course, you expect me to be a good student."

"Think about clubs you're interested in. It shouldn't
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The room is decent size with two twin size bunks on opposite ends. The hardwood is polished black, grey walls, maroon curtains and the belongings of my roommate. Two desks both equip with desk lamps for night studying. A small fluffy chocolate colored teddy bear is perched on my roomie's satin pillow. It's beady little button eyes watch me with an icy expression.

The headmistress mentioned it's forbidden for student's to wear civilian clothes. All students are required to wear school uniforms while on site. I'm too old for school. The bed softly creaks as I sit down on it. The silence of the room is annoying after a couple of minutes. The schools uniform is more Gothic with a too girly edge. There is a blouse and trouser alternate (just as frilly with a slight masculine edge).

The corridor is rounded with beautiful skylights, mosaic windows, and more beautifully dark hardwood floors. The school is encircled by lush courtyards, gardens and thick woodland. The cafeteria is large and is more like a five star restaurant. Already students are filling their trays with delicious smelling foods. Chatter fills the room echoing off the walls. I'm unsure why I'm attending this school. Azai promised if I attend my past will unravel. Azai is my guardian aiding my search for my missing memories. I know something bad happened to me. I can feel it. I also know whatever it is, it's still is
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