Creative Writing: My Abortion

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So we started to run down the street once we got there we went into someone's backyard my dad said “stop” he looked around it was not Chili it was a gray cat and Chili is orange. We ran back and looked in the bushes our dad whispered “shhh do you see him in the bushes ‘ then I replied “yes” then my dad said “ Cale go by the back gate Leah go around front i am going to grab him. As my dad crept closer Chili ran my way I shooed him back, but he got scared and ran all the way around the front and into Michals bushes. Leah and I ran over there and leah went in the bushes but she could not find him so she came back out but she tripped on a weed and fell. My dad took her back to the house but me and my aunt kept looking. We looked and looked but
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