Creative Writing: My Last Day In Hawaii

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It is the final day in our year long voyage to the Hawaiian islands. “Land ho!” yelled the captain as we approach the island of maui the date is 1844,December,13.We make landfall as all the anshus sailors get ready to charge of the bout and towards the nearest solune before they can the captain yells we will refit our ships and supplies then be of for Japan.The captain estimated we would be here for a year because the ship was badly damaged from a storm on our voyage from massachusetts .As i step of the ship i can hear a familiar voice it was my brother James as we greet each other he explains to me that hawaii is not the lawless place that we dreamed due to the whalers before us. Dear journal this is my second day in Hawaii and my brother will leave soon he just got a contract from a whaling company to go with them for two tours to Japan each would take two to three years end journal.“George things have change missionaries arrived thirty years ago the landed and change Hawaii forever,”said James.They made laws so we would not break strong christian beliefs not to drink,carry weapons, and fight those all band.Or we will get fined or put in prison for those crimes they call it.Three months later One of my crew member Bern was intoxicated and was to rowdy the law enforcement had to club his head he did not make it that steamed the
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