Creative Writing : My Life

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When lunch period came around, I stepped out of my previous classroom and started walking towards the cafeteria to look for Niall. I turned the corner stepping towards the cafeteria entrance when I feel a strong grip tug on my arm. I turn my head in time to see a closed door. I smell the faint cologne I've grown to feel nervous around. "What are you doing, Harry?" I ask looking up at his face hidden in the shadows of his features. "How'd you know it was me?" He asks chuckling and pushing his curls back. "Well, you're the only one I know who would do something like this." I smiled shaking my head. Not mentioning that I knew because of his smell. "Well I don't know actually, I just want to see something." He starts stepping closer,…show more content…
"Tell me, Emma, where were you planning to go on this little 'date' of yours with Niall?" He asks lowering his voice, sounding more mysterious. How does he know I have a date with Niall? Shit! Niall! "Crap." I curse. I completely forgot I was supposed to be out with him getting lunch. I hop off the desk using his shoulders to stabilize me and start making my way to the door. I reach for the doorknob ready to make a run for it to reach Niall as soon as I can. "I asked you a question." I hear Harry growl behind me. His breath hitting the back of my neck sending shivers throughout my body. I turn around to face him with my arms crossed. "Excuse me?" I ask with wide eyes. Who does he think he is to talk to me that way. "I said, where are you planning to go with Niall on your play date?" He asks crossing his arms Imitating my position. How adorable, he thinks he can scare me. Well, he's got another thing coming. "I don't need to tell you anything, Harry." He steps behind me, to cover the door handle from my reach. Why does he have to be so difficult? "I guess we're not leaving then. Make yourself comfortable, we will be here a while." He smirks. I slump my shoulders down and look down at the watch around my wrist. "Lunch period is almost over. I need to get back to class." I answered looking up at him. Why does he have to be so tall? "Better start talking then." He leans in the doorway and looks down at me. I see him from the corner of my eyes, eyeing me up
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