Creative Writing: New Orleans

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The air held all the magical wonder that was unique to New Orleans. The night sky glowed a faint indigo hovering above the city.
Exotic scents drifted from the restaurants of the French Quarter mingling with the smell of spilled liquor and beer from Bourbon Street.
The sultry, musky smell that flowed from the Mississippi River drew tourist along with locals into its web of mystery.
Danger and excitement abounded in this place that was never quite still.
The revelers in the streets wandered up and down enjoying all that the city offered.
It was late when they finally arrived at their hotel exhausted from the drive. Once they got settled in their room, Ray ordered room service because they were both too tired to go out and fight the crowds looking for something to eat.
As she waited for dinner, she stood on the
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The slight breeze blowing from the Mississippi River helped to relieve the sun’s intense heat. The hot, humid weather of the South would be here soon enough. This was only a sample of what was to come.
Crowds of tourists meandered by speaking a variety of foreign languages. Everyone seemed to enjoy the hustle and bustle that was an intricate part of the city called New Orleans.
A woman tarot reader had a table set up near the artist section. As they approached her table, she glanced up, looking directly at Casey. Her glance was so penetrating Casey felt forced to look away out of awkwardness.
The woman eased out of her folding chair and began to stride purposely in their direction. Casey put up her hand to ward off the attempt to sell her a psychic reading. “I’m not interested today, but thank you.”
“Ms., I’m not trying to sell you anything. I see a dark presence that follows you, and I feel obliged to warn you of its presence. This spirit surrounds you with darkness and blocks out your aura. Please, you must take care. This spirit wants to harm you. The strength of its hatred emanates in black waves of pure
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