Creative Writing: New Soccer Cleats

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"Mohammed! Come down stairs and get your shoes on!" "Ok!" I replied.
I was very confused, but I may know what’s happening, I’m probably getting new Soccer cleats. "Am I getting new cleats??" I asked Politely. "Yes, you are, you have been very well behaved these past 4 months" She replied.
We drove to the store and I am so excited, I am going to buy the New CR7's, but when we went to the store those cleats were so expensive. "I don’t think I can buy those cleats You may have to get a job..." "Well, what kind of job do I need, I don’t think I can apply for one at this age." "Yes, actually there is A job, You can be A Referee!"she replied. "A Referee!? What do you mean, Like A professional referee??" I asked.
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And it comes to conclusion that I was disappointed in me too. I had to get my money back, so went to the store and I spoke to the clerk. “Hello, I was here yesterday and I bought A pair of cleats and I paid three hundred and fifty dollars and those cleats were supposed to be one hundred dollars” I said. The clerk looked very surprised that I found out. Therefore the clerk gave me, my money, back The clerk was so confused that a boy in A grade smaller than his can find out such A small thing.
Later that day I got my money back, And my mother wasn’t disappointed in me anymore. The clerk apologized for scamming us and taking our money he also gave us a refund. That next day I was going to soccer practice with my new cleats, It was a very rainy day and I tried my Hardest not to get my cleats muddy, But all of a sudden My teammate slide tackles me and gets my cleats all muddy, I was so frustrated and very mad that I got my cleats wet on the first day I play with them. But during practice, I was playing better than I usually did and I kept
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