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After several years of traveling, society has finally reached a new and undiscovered planet called Pluto. The ship, consisting of a couple hundred people, lands on the cold peculiar plant that shows no signs of life or resources. Domingo awakens from his nine year sleep that felt like like five minutes. He looks around, and gathers his thoughts about what is going on. He then notices he’s in a ship with thousands of people who are all wearing giant matching space suits. Domingo glances to his right and observes a large machine that appears to be similar to a giant printer. A man in a lab coat approaches Domingo and explains what this odd machine is. “Welcome my friend, you are the first to learn that we have escaped the great war of our planet and wound up here, on pluto. We discovered, while still on Earth, all the technology needed in order to survive on our new planet,” stated the man. He continued to refresh Domingo on all the great advancements humans have made in order to live on Pluto. The man in the lab coat then reveals the one major flaw with the mission. “However, while on this planet and in these securely built suits, we will not be able to reproduce naturally,” As the days go on, more and more people start to wake up from their long…show more content…
In order to save the city, we needed to sacrifice a few lives for the better of the civilization. Over population has the power to destroy our planet, with what little supplies we have,” the man then pointed at the machine, and said, “without that machine, all of humanity will end.” Domingo comprehended what he said and agreed. But then, Sabado’s image appeared in his mind, and he knew what happened to him. Domingo, infuriated, knew there was one way to solve the problem. He took a nearby test tube and ferociously hit the man in the lab coat clear on the head, causing him to drop. Unconscious, he couldn’t stop
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