Creative Writing On Redemption

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The crack of the lighter wheel pierces the silence as the first sparks fly up. The crack, then followed by a gentle sigh from baited breath, is met with the production of the lighter's first flame. It stands tall, straight and ample, only slightly wavering when it's met by my trembling anxious breath. I sit for a few moments admiring the flame, observing its presence and acknowledging its power for destruction even in such a small seemingly inadequate form. I move the lighter underneath the vessel I hold in my hand, a deep green glass pipe with a perfectly rounded bulbous end. I align the flame to meet my heart's desire-- to produce that which I so honestly yearn for deep within my mind; no not only within my mind but my heart and soul. I wonder if perhaps I am looking for a path I'm unaware of; perhaps its one of redemption or maybe it's destruction. Which ever it is I am unable to determine exactly which of the two I subconsciously crave most. I study the flame as it seems to embrace and engulf the shape of the rounded end. Inside the bulb of the pipe is a friend that provides no…show more content…
I always wonder about how this moment will turn out before beginning. The taste seems to be the most inconsistent property of my vice. On occasion it is overpoweringly bitter to my already sensitive taste buds. Other times, I will have scorched it and its burnt taste ruins whatever delight the smoke provides through the air. When that happens, the after taste serves as a deterrent for future use though it usually succumbs to the body's desire for one more inhale. I slightly smile to myself as the first wave of smoke meets my tongue. Today's is delightfully perfect with its ever so slightly chemical taste. I even allow myself to think how odd that must be as a whole thought: someone who doesn't mind and actually enjoys the ever so slightly bitter, yet sweet chemical produced by the
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