Creative Writing: Pale Dances

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I walk sexy over to the pole making sure my hips are swaying side to side. I flip my hair to the side as I place my hand on the pole doing a pose on a beat. As the beat drop, I bend down in a sexy position swinging my ass side to side. I stood back up jumping on the pole doing a move as I let the music take over my body. I hear the door open as my feet touches the floor. I twist my head to the person I’ll be doing a lap dance on. I gasp loud. No, I can’t be here! I can’t give a lap dance to him. Why him out of all the niggas it could have been? “This my lucky night.” Eli walks over to the stereo pausing the music. He smiles over to me as he’s eyes begin to drink my appearance hard. I felt so uncomfortable and I couldn’t afford to be here. “Sorry,…show more content…
He lays both his hand on my waist and my skin begins to itch. I can feel him getting close, real close, close enough where he can probably smell my perfume. My heart is hurting me from all the pounding it’s doing. I felt bad, wrong that I’m standing here with Noel best friend that’s expecting a dance from me, and I can’t do anything about it because I told Sky I’ll do the lap dance. I’ve done this before, I’ve given a lap dance with no hesitation, but this is way different because of the person in this very room with me. “You are fucking sexy Ashanti…” He deeply whispers in my ear letting his lips lay a soft kiss behind my ear. I remove his hands from my waist and move away from him giving us distance. He doesn’t like my action and tries to come close. Each step he takes I move back, and we continue like this until I hit the table with the stereo on it. “I see I’m making you nervous and shit. Go ahead play the music and dance for me like how you were dancing before I came. Don’t worry I’ll go sit at the couch and watch.” He backs off and walk over to the couch. He takes his things out his pocket and place it on a small table that’s on the side of the…show more content…
His long dreads were neatly tied up. He was wearing a tight black shirt that shows his muscles and some grey sweat pants with sneakers that looked expensive. He wasn’t looking to be fly, just comfortable, but then again Eli was already handsome so he didn’t have to try hard. I’m guessing he was done with work and wanted to relax. What am I going to do? I watch as he stares over at me waiting for me to dance. I take a deep breath. Here goes nothing. I play the music from the beginning, chanting to myself that he’s a nobody just a customer. I do the moves I was doing before he came. I added some new moves after, swinging on the pole practicing my grip and upper strength. I never looked over to Eli as I kept on
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