Creative Writing: Princess Octavia

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“Read!” he hissed at me.
I pick up the newspaper and open it to the front page.
Princess Loses: her undefeated record, destroyed!
Due to medical reasons, Princess Octavia lost her first match to a peasant named Bolt. Now she is 1,904-1, destroying her perfect record.
Octavia will be taken out of the arena until she has received her powers in four months. And for her fighting skills? They went right down the drain. Turn to page 7 for more details.
I roll my eyes and rip the paper in half. Raymond picked up the ripped pieces. He shoots one warning glance at Jax before exiting. Jax rolls his eyes and mimics my brother’s fierce gaze.
I sit up and shake my head at him, “He only wants to protect me.” I tell him. Jax nods and sits down.
“Listen, I heard you can’t even lift a weapon
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He was going to kill this lynx, and all I could do was watch from the royal balcony.
I was escorted to the balcony, with Jax sitting and watching the two below us. Nobody was in the arena, so the echo of the speaking counting down to the beginning was a little unsettling.
Immediately, the lynx dashed forward, only to be pounced on by the snow leopard. He looked at me and smiled, making my stomach refuse to digest the cookies and tea. Jax looked at me, and I nodded. I would be fine, hopefully.
The snow leopard pressed his paw down, making the armor crumble off of the lynx. I frowned, but stopped myself from calling this out as unfair.
Soon the lynx was free again, and I wondered why he had let it run away. They were on opposite sides of the arena. Now the snow leopard took his sword, no, my sword, and charged.
I saw that the lynx wasn’t moving, and almost shouted with joy when a knife was thrown at the snow leopard, pulling his armor off with it. The hooks in the armor also made him an easy target for throwing knives.
He sputtered out a few words, and slowed down, glancing up at
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