Creative Writing: Prison Break Essay

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Something is odd. I overheard my parents discussing some rapid change in the government. News like this frightens me. It scares me because it is reality. It is real. Not knowing much about politics, I immediately ask them what is going on. There was a lump in my throat. But they quickly switch the topic to avoid the question, as if I didn’t ask. I know they heard me. It makes me angry. I ask again, this time with a broad, stern voice. They both give each other a worried look. “Alexis,” Mother said, “I know we ignore you. It’s for the best. But, I think 16 is old enough to know.” “What is it?” I reply, “Our country is earning a new leader, and he will put us under a communist rule.” she says with a stutter. At first I didn’t believe what she was saying. But then it hit me. Why aren’t they alarmed? “ What! For how long?” I say shakily, “ His name is Korban Thomas. He says it will only be for four years, so it will all be over by 2036. But for now, we have to respect his ways.” she says. I walk up to my room. As I trudge up the stairs, a tear starts to run down my cheek. I am scared. Aren’t communist countries bad? Why can’t we just have freedom like there was before? Why is everyone else in the county fine with this? They are all calm. They are already under his rule. But not me. Am I really the only one who thinks like this? I can’t be. There must be someone else out there that has the same mindset as I do. There just has to be.…