Creative Writing: Prison Break Essay

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Something is odd. I overheard my parents discussing some rapid change in the government. News like this frightens me. It scares me because it is reality. It is real. Not knowing much about politics, I immediately ask them what is going on. There was a lump in my throat. But they quickly switch the topic to avoid the question, as if I didn’t ask. I know they heard me. It makes me angry. I ask again, this time with a broad, stern voice. They both give each other a worried look. “Alexis,” Mother said, “I know we ignore you. It’s for the best. But, I think 16 is old enough to know.” “What is it?” I reply, “Our country is earning a new leader, and he will put us under a communist rule.” she says with a stutter. At first I
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Everyone thinks he is a genius. Although I keep these thoughts to myself, I hope that there is someone out there who thinks similar to me. As I dress for school, I listen to the daily news about President Thomas. What he thinks of is insane, and the country is so naive for following him. As I glance at my watch, I realize that i am going to be late for school. My journey to school was full of many unpleasant thoughts.

As I close my locker, my best friend awaits me. Ashley. We are making our way towards our classroom when Principal Sullivan strictly makes everyone form a straight line. Everyone has a puzzled look on their face. What is going on? And I know that is what everyone else is thinking.

Chapter 2: Tested on Our Beliefs One by one, security guards escort us into a building. One at a time. The line consists of every student in the whole High School. Luckily, I am towards the front. About half an hour passes, then I am up. They take me to a room that I didn’t even know existed. It’s a large warehouse towards the end of the schools property. There is a table in the center with two chairs. Principal Sullivan fills one of them and I suppose the other is for me. He sternly tells me to sit, so I am guessing what ever this is, it serious. Mr. Sullivan has an unpleasant look on his face. It seems that something is up. But what could it be?

He shoves a paper in front of me. It says, “Many of you have heard of the new leader. It is
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