Creative Writing: Rhonda's House

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Rhonda’s house didn’t look much different from mine on the outside. The inside was a completely different matter. It was a rainbow of colors. When you walked in, you were standing in the living room and the windows on the back of the house let you see all the way out into the back yard. The dining table was to the right and was situated in a turret of windows. Both rooms were a shade of sun-yellow, and it made me smile. My house was white or gray. Of course, it was the parsonage so most time it was painted that way to keep pastors and their families from having to paint. I could see a bar curving into the galley style kitchen. The window shades were pulled up so the evening sun beamed into the room. Rhonda’s mom came walking out of her room,…show more content…
She sat up straight, lips crooked. “Wait. You mean to tell me you’ve never spent the night with a friend? Never had a sleepover? Never visited church members at their home? Nothing?” I slowly shook my head. “No, well, yes, but it’s been long enough that I barely remember it now.” Rhonda looked past me at Alex. “Did you know that?” “Knowing her parents? It doesn’t surprise me.” Alex put one hand on each of my shoulders. Rhonda’s mom made us aware of her presence by clearing her throat. Rhonda jumped up off the bed, as Alex and I turned. She smiled so big her eyes smiled. “What are your plans for the weekend, guys?” “What do you want us to do?" I asked out of habit. For the briefest moment, she looked at me with sadness. “Ohhh, no! This weekend is kid’s choice. You guys can go out, stay in, do whatever you want. I am going to take a look at that arm Rhonda has been telling me about.” Before I could say anything, Mrs. Wallace motioned me to follow her. She led me to her bathroom and pulled out the largest first aid kit I’d ever seen. I found out later that she used to be a nurse. It hurt when she cleaned it out. When she finished wrapping it, it felt better than it had in…show more content…
It was a club for teens. No alcohol on the premises, various sizes of signs littered the windows. From the outside, it looked small, and bright lights danced to the beat of pounding music through the smoke that billowed out of the door. Rhonda paid the bouncer and he stamped our hands. Then we pushed our way through the bodies that filled the place. There was a packed dance floor with people of all sizes and shapes swaying to the music. Rhonda pulled me onto it. I started shaking my head, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She and Alex had already started to dance as I stood there one hand holding my other arm crowded by bodies on all sides. I felt suffocated as I looked around at all the people. Someone behind me grabbed my hips, I yelped and turned around. His face was full of piercings, he smiled wide and started trying to get me to move. “Don’t be scared!” he yelled over the music into my ear. “Just let yourself go." He was cute with his round face and heart shaped lips. His hair was blonde except the tips were varying shades of blue, he had drawn black eyeliner around his eyes which made them look black. “I’ve never danced before,” I yelled back. I felt like an idiot on display for the
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