Creative Writing: Sacrifice

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Penelope and her grandmother watch as Edward ran away in hopes that he'd learn to stay away. Watching him run down the path they thought it was safe to now continue walking to their third and final destination, the wizberry bushes.

Walking down the path of bushes it was hard to tell which was the wizberry bushes. Penelope looking confused turned towards her grandmother.

"Grandmother how do you tell which of these is in fact the true wizberry bush?"

Turning towards Penelope grandmother said, "You tell can tell the true wizberry bush but the bright blue and green berries on the bush. You can tell the ripest bush the the brightness of the berries."

With her grandmother's words fresh in her mind Penelope scowered the lines of bushes until
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Because things are finally going my way." , said the witch as she got into Penelope's face and smiled evilly.

From outside the cave however barking could be hear. The witch confused stood up straight and looked out towards the entrance of the cave. When the barking grew near the witch backed up and stood behind poor Penelope who was tied to a chair.

After a few moments the barking recided and footsteps could be heard entering the cave. The witch drew her wand and was prepared to fight off any intruders who entered her cave when 3 dogs stepped into her view.

The witch confused from never seeing such a creature stepped out from behind Penelope and stepped close to the leading dog.

"And what is this I might ask?", said the witch laughing.

"Your worst nightmare.", growled the first dog before pouncing on the witch and attacking her.

"Get her Lucky!", yelled Penelope as the other dogs untied her.

Before Penelope ran out of the cave she grabbed the formula the witch has been tormenting her with and ran out of the cave back to her house. Penelope ran and ran with the two brave dogs by her side as she ran into the house.

"Where have you been!", exclaimed her mother, "I've been so
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Penelope nodded and ran into Sofia's room and gently shook her awake.

"What is it Penelope?", said Sofia so quietly Penelope could barely hear her.

"I brought you something.", said Penelope handing her sister the jar.

Sofia drank from the bottle and everyday at the same time Sofia would drink from the bottle and get slightly better. Over time Sofia grew well again. It stunned the doctors who thought there had been no cure for this illness. But within a few weeks Sofia became well again and Penelope had gotten her best friend
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