Creative Writing Scorpion

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The Scorpion I awoke to the low roar of the wind blowing against my house. As I lay there on my side, I could feel there was a warm liquid surrounding my head. Accompanied by a heavy taste and smell of iron that overwhelmed my senses. There was a throbbing pain radiating from my head and flowing to my extremity's as a pool of blood was gradually spreading. I was trying to get up, lethargically propping myself up onto my arm. I could feel my body was weak and a dull lull of pain wrapped my sore and stiff muscles. I rose to my feet as my vision warped, my stomach turned, and bile rose in my throat. I stumbled for but a moment before leaning onto the wall for support. There was the slimy acidic feel of vomit flowing up my throat and out my mouth as the sticky light brown liquid littered with chunks covered the floor. Heaving in ragged and heavy breaths as my heart was pounding in my ears. I leaned onto the wall to support myself eventual slumping to the floor. I spat the rest of the remaining vomit from my mouth, leaving only a subtle lingering taste. As the hours passed, I sat on the ground huddled next to the wall in a disheveled state. My body saturated in blood and debris yet I dared not move for I feared that it would end as it had the time
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It was this same house, but different. Everything was orderly, neat, proper, and clean. There was no blood, not even a piece of broken glass or a piece of dust, absolutely immaculate. Loud knocking coursed through the house accompanied by angry shouts. “Zane you bastard! You BETRAYED us! Our cause after hundreds of years, we were on the cusp of achieving the dreams of our ancestors. I trusted you all this time, loved you as a brother, and you just spat in my face. If you don’t let me in then I won’t give you a chance to explain yourself I found out before them by luck, but soon everybody will know I can’t keep it hidden. I just want to know why before they kill
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