Creative Writing: Shut Up Connie

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"Shut up Connie!" I demand my best friend as she keeps blubbering about how she wants a pretzel, and hasn't stopped since we arrived at the mall. "Can we just go get my pretzels now?" She pleads and gets on her knees and begs. " What are you a dog?" I laugh and she groans, causing me to sigh and roll my eyes. "Please." She says non-stop causing me to get aggravated. "Okay let's go!" I say, giving up, causing her to jump and do a little fucked up dance that she calls her 'happy dance'. " You're so weird." I giggle, grabbing my shopping bags, and we start walking out of the store. " Yeah, but you know you love me and my weirdness." She smiles at me and I nod," True." I laugh and we head to the food court. Once we arrived we got in line, Connie had her looks on the pretzels while I had my eyes on a salty piece of eye candy.…show more content…
She looked over at him and giggled before looking back at me and saying ," The things I would do to him." Causing me to laugh and nod my head . "Dibs though." I laugh and she sighs . "It's okay as long as I got my pretzels." She says licking her lips and focusing her gaze back on the pretzels. "Next," I hear a voice causing me and Connie to look over to the boy who was staring at us. I smirk quirky at him, his eyes are extremely memorizing. "Do you want a pretzel too?" Connie asks me. " Yeah", I say as he smirks a little causing me to suck in my bottom lip. " How much will that be?" Connie asks. " For you two stunning ladies, It's on me", he says while staring right at me. I instantly look down, that's when I notice a pin on his shirt. Hello my name is
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