Creative Writing: Skywalker

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Aw, is the wittle 'chosen one' not being tweated faiwly? He mocked to himself. What a weakling you are, Skywalker. And you're any better? The cruel voice inside of him reprimanded. You weren't strong enough to do what she asked of you. Touche, he responded. “Take a seat, young Skywalker,” he heard Windu snap. Though I am fairly sure I was never as whiny as little Ani was. There was a padawan standing in front of the doors who jumped when he saw him. “I will speak with your council,” the black figure hissed. “Th-they're in s-s-session right n-now, you'll have to make an ap-appointment -” The black man scoffed as he force-shoved the padawan to the wall. “They will speak to me now!” he spat as he swept his way into the council chambers.…show more content…
“I didn't realize Sidious could acquire another apprentice so soon unless he broke the rule of two.” “He did not break the rule of two,” The black man paused. “Well. He hasn't yet anyway.” “If you're a Sith, then why are you offering your help?” Skywalker accused. For the first time, the figure looked at the 'Hero With No Fear'. Instantly his heart plummeted. He had hoped he could prevent Skywalker's turn, but one look proved that he was already too wrapped up in Palpatine's lies. The tendrils of the dark side bound him too tightly. I was too late, he thought a little mournfully, though not surprisedly. Plan B will have to do, then. He laughed bitterly. “Oh, yes, the Sith are evil through and through! Why in the nine Corellian Underworlds would one offer his help to the Jedi of all people?” He proclaimed loudly. “After all, the Sith only serve themselves, don't they?” He surveyed the council, who were eyeing him warily. “Don't they?” “Anakin raises a good point,” Kenobi murmured softly. “Why are you offering your help?” “Oh, it's not for free, I assure you,” the man informed them. “I want you to do something for me in exchange.” “Oh? And what would that…show more content…
This he would enjoy. “I want you to bomb the Jellis Nassa Asteroid Medical Center.” The council erupted into pandemonium. “Unthinkable!” “Impossible!” “Not a chance!” “There are thousands of sick and injured on that asteroid!” It took Yoda's booming, “SILENCE!” to get them to quiet down. The man in black smirked under his hood. “Not bad, little gnome. Who knew that the ancient old troll would have such a good pair of lungs?” Yoda glared as the scandalized council whispered frantically among themselves at his blatant disrespect of the old Jedi
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