Creative Writing: Snap

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Snap The skies started to romp as we stomped across the fields. We were having such a nice little picnic. Until the black clouds rolled in, making the pretty day so gloomy and bleak. We had to finish up as the sun began to set, and the downpour commenced. The river started to rise, like the hair on our dogs neck. Needing to get the wife and child to safety, I ushered them to our house all too far away. Crackle Streaking across the sky the lighting made a booming noise, off in the distance. As the air grew moist, those strong winds began to howl, shaking even the thickest limbs. Even causing them to snap. It was getting rough, and we needed to get home. Pop The mighty maple, older than all of us combined, succumbed to the sheer power of
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