Creative Writing: Sora's Hooves

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Sora awoke from her dream to a familiar sound. She groggily managed to sit up and look out the window beside her bed. Just as it had been 3 years ago, the rain pounded then streamed down the window violently. Watching and listening to it immediately brought her memories of the day Crash and Burn left her with her mother. Are they still running away? After momentarily losing herself in thought, Sora slipped out of bed and walked into the narrow room they called a kitchen to get breakfast. She opened the tiny cupboard they kept fruit in and reached for an apple, but instead grabbed nothing but a cobweb. Their supply had come to an end meaning that she would have to go into town and buy more.

After waiting for the rain to calm a bit Sora decided
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Her thighs already ached from not being accustomed to such a long time on her horse. Sora was nearly there when she felt a surge of energy coming from her necklace. The horse seemed to feel it as well and whinnied before coming to a halt. Is it broken? Last time it worked was so long ago. She took the stone in her hand and observed it’s vibrant glow. Because it was so long since she had used it, it looked unfamiliar and strange to see it reacting in such a way. Although still curious, she tucked it back into her cloak and proceeded into the…show more content…
The necklace suddenly felt like it had stabbed her. She looked around, the pain making her wince. To her left, she saw him. The man who looked like Crash from earlier, but this time with an enormous figure beside him. Burn. The burning from the cat’s eye combined with what she was seeing made her cry. What are they doing here? Where are they going? Are they ok? As much as she wanted to get the answers to her questions, the truth overpowered. Sora knew that she couldn’t go to them. She knew they were busy and she was a burden. After all that is why they left her. They were so close, but they didn’t tell me. Even if she wanted to she felt frozen in place and it was so sudden. It almost seemed like they were only there for a single second in time. Before Sora could blink properly, once again they disappeared. Just like that day 3 years ago when they left, the tears flowed down her
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