Creative Writing: Spreading To Peony

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I am afraid this is my fault, for letumosis spreading to Peony. If only I wasn’t Lunar, my gorgeous little sister would still be alive. She could’ve danced with now Emperor Kai – had all of her dreams come true. So many Earthens have died, only because I bestowed upon them the curse of the sickness. Letumosis takes your life slowly, one by one. I know letumosis is the main point of all this, but could it just have been me who’s spread it to the rest of the population? Four stages, all miserable. I watched Peony in that last stage, dying because of me. Her yellow skin, her crusty nails, her once lively eyes closed for one last time. Why was I born Lunar? Why did I have to be some princess, when being cyborg already made my life miserable? Of course, I was full of shock when I…show more content…
She should’ve been more careful, she should’ve killed Cinder head on. If she did that, she would still be ruling and bathing in riches not having to worry about the stupid little girl. Oh, and Kai; the young Emperor dealing with the weight on his shoulders from so many catastrophic events. The worst of them all being the spread of letumosis. Was it true that Lunars had flown to earth and spread the fatal disease? Were they taking over an empire his father and blood line had taken so long to build? This has caused him to take on the responsibility of a humongous role far too early; this has led him to meet Cinder. And now there’s Levena strutting down towards Earth as if she owns it. Adri and Pearl have lost Peony from the same disease Garan contracted. They’re both sure this is all Lunars fault, for this disease causing havoc amongst the commonwealth. These nasty Lunars will pay. All that is left in Adri and Pearl’s minds are grief and embarrassment from Peony’s passing and Cinder’s
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