Creative Writing: Stella Archer Chapter 14

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When Sarah detained in Nauru, for 2 days, she didn't eat anything. She mourned for 2 days because the incident that happened in the ocean grieved her heart, for she considered how her brother lost. Shaza said to Sarah, "I lost my son, and I don't want to lose you also."
Sarah loved her brother so much that she was willing to do anything for him. When Ali fell down on the surface of the boat, she grabbed the right hand of Ali; nonetheless, the violent storm separated Ali from her. The force of the waves of the ocean was so strong and powerful that it broke their bond, taking Ali farther from Sarah. In addition, Sarah couldn't find him.
At the night of the 2nd day, Sarah looked up in the sky, and she didn't find the moon, for it was the time
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I love you very much!"
After that, she said to her mother, "Look to the sky, there isn't the moon. The stars are dim, and it reminds me of my one life. I am like those star which are without the bright as it were before. Ali was like the moon. Tonight, as the moon isn't Ali with me,"shaza hugged her child along with kisses on her forehead. After a while, the sky wept like never before. Shaza took her child into the room. She comforted Sarah, and they slept.
In the 3rd day, Sarah went into a bathroom. she took a sharp object. She remembered, how many people abused her time and time again, and how Ali was shot by Aman. Therefore, she cut her face like the same kind of mark that was on the palm of Ali because she thought it was her physical beauty that attracted men, and her beauty was one of the cause her brother was shot.
Consequently, the drops of the blood from her face was dropping onto the floor. Then, she took a bath. She came to the room and Shaza saw her wounded face, so she treated her face immediately with a medicine. Shaza gently cured her face. Sarah told her mom that she would forget what happened in the boat, in contrast, she would pursue the goal of reaching Australia to find hopes and
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