Creative Writing: Stereotypes

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Chapter One
Lies, that’s all I hear; that’s all I know in this life. All these deceptions swarm around my cranium. They swirl around and leap inside my ears and get stuck in the back of my head. Always replaying, like a broken record, pounding the back of my brain wanting attention. Like a little kid tugging on the hem of his mom’s lilac shirt, while they walk through the grocery store, craving for just one glance his way. Always replaying, never-ending. Everyday, I hear the taunting, I hear the laughing. It’s so deafening that I can’t hear myself think. It has taken away all feeling from my body, but yet I feel everything. I feel all the agony they have caused, all the sorrow they have brought upon me, yet I can’t feel the tears that fall
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I will never be able to become an ambassador. I will never be able to keep peace with everyone, even if that’s what I want, it will never happen. I don’t know why my brain keeps thinking I will be able to do anything, maybe it’s just that broken record replaying in my brain telling me I will never amount to anything, but then my heart tells my brain “nonsense you can do anything you set your mind to” and then for a split second I actually…show more content…
I snap out of my daze and look at Richard. He is smiling at me with a malevolent smirk. I rub my cheek and stare at him, trying my hardest to keep the tears from welling up in my eyes. My mom is still making breakfast and doesn’t even notice that he hit me, again. She was right there this time too, I always tell her he hits me but she never listens. Why can’t she just listen to me? All she cares about is getting married so she can get Richard’s money. She doesn’t even care about her child’s well being. My mother turns around and looks at me with a loving smile and I notice she has earphones in. No wonder she didn’t hear the smack, of course there is an obstacle to keep her from noticing his
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