Creative Writing: Stretch Mark Cream

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“C’mon it's got to be in here.” said Rhett Krueger as he searched his bag one afternoon for his Dr. Taggert’s Stretch Mark Cream for Pregnant Dudes while sitting on the bed that he shared with his boyfriend Adam Revere in a room at the Black Tusker Safaris hunting lodge. (Rhett and Adam were on a three day safari in Tanzania). He had to find to his cream and use it on his huge, exposed, stretch-marked pregnant belly before Adam got back from his rhino hunt or risk Adam dumping him. (Adam had warned Rhett that if he caught him with stretch marks on his belly again, he'll break up with him because stretch marks creeps him out and that he didn't want to be with someone who would want to keep them). But before Rhett could find his cream, he heard…show more content…
Sure you are babe.” said Adam unconvinced. “I know you're lying babe because of the way you have kept your back turned from me and the way you spoke to me. You only do those two things when you're trying to hide something from me. So I'm going to ask you this once and I want the truth. What are hiding from me?” “Nothing.” Rhett said nervously as he kept staring at the kudu head. “Well let me see if it's really nothing.” Adam said walking toward his boyfriend. “Don't resist, because it'll make things worse for you.” Knowing that his game was up, Rhett turned around to show Adam his stretch marks and said in a confessing, begging sounding voice, “Okay babe it is something. I couldn't find my cream to get rid of my stretch marks before you came in. I'm sorry babe, but I had no choice to but hide my stretch marks for you. So please, please do—” “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” hollered Adam interrupting Rhett as he backed away. “I told you that if you let me see you with stretch marks again, we’re done. And guess what, YOU FUCKING LET ME SEE THOSE FUCKING MARKS AGAIN! So no I'm not going to fucking forgive you or take you back. Instead I'm going to let Tarzan deal with you while I go back home, find a new boyfriend, and tell your family that you're FUCKING
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