Creative Writing: Stuck in Mud

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Stuck in Mud I came into this world already having two older twin sisters and an older brother, all of whom provided me with love and care. Being the youngest in the family, I don’t hold as many responsibilities as my siblings. It was always their responsibility to make sure I was safe, protected, and happy. I was too well protected by my family members that I probably couldn’t function without them, which is the reason to why I lacked one of the most important qualities, bravery, until the winter of eighth grade when I went to Yosemite. It was our second day in Yosemite and we took the two hour long bus drive to get to lower Yosemite Falls. I was anxious to see what our instructor, Audrey, prepared for us. We arrived to our stop and met our instructor not too far away. “Good morning everyone! Today we’ll be exploring the Spider Cave,” Audrey smiles. The two words, ‘spiders’, and ‘caves’, did not sound very pleasing together. My stomach began to churn and I felt a little light headed when I imagined a cave filled with long, hairy tarantulas. I could almost feel their microscopic fur crawling up the back of my neck, bringing shivers to the back of my spine. Audrey spoke again, breaking my train of thoughts. She explained how we were going to get in, where we were going to turn, and made us practice with our eyes closed. Maybe if I followed the person in front of me closely, I’ll get out safely. The entrance of the spiders cave was very rocky with a wide variety
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