Creative Writing: Tater

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Screech! Screeched the Chevy Convertible’s tires as it pulled into the driveway of Tater’s Tot Care. “Mommy, I don't wanna go Wahhh! ” Jonas wailed as he was lugged from the extra extra large booster seat. The workers moaned as the door creaked open, unveiling the waddle walk of Jonah. “Hello friends!” exclaimed Jonas, smiling slightly as he heard some children groan. “Have a good day my little crumb cake!” said his mother as she hurried out the door to her job at Le Pepe De Fragrance. “Ok kids, it's snack time, today… is… CHOCOLATE DAY!” “YAY” hooted Jonas above all of his peers. “Mmm, clop smack clop”, he chomped up the generous portion of Hershey's ” “Mmmh Mhmm, I want more! More now!” I want it now! “ No, Jonah”, the worker replied, sighing…show more content…
“JULIE, I’M LEAVING AGAIN, DO THE REST OF MY WORK OR WILL FIRE YOU!” Chomp went the rest of her fourth donut.
Screech! As she pulled into the driveway for the second time that day, she heard a gut wrenching sound like nails on a chalkboard, screams.. She walked in the daycare to see her son clinging to the floor while the children and workers bundled around him. “ Mrs.Swampie please control your son he is out hand right now!” In frustration, Mrs.Swampie yanked Jonah’s ear, dragged him to the car, and raced him to his grandma’s home so she could deal with him. Jonah glanced outside the window and saw grandma’s house. Jonah BURST into excitement and unfastened his seatbelt, opened the car door, and beamed towards grandma’s front door. DING DONG. “Who is it ?” “Gwammy it’s me
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“Sure” Jonah opened the back door, hopped in the car, and slammed the door shut . “Where are we going ?” “ *Starts weeping* Honey I have something to tell you that I never wanted to say, I...I’m giving you up for foster care “WHAT WHY? WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!” “ Honey there’s nothing I can do I am badly in debt because I have to take care of you. I try to get you everything you want, and I never say no, after a while I stopped using the money I had and I started borrowing money from the bank. I don’t have enough money to pay back the bank and now I have no money to care for you. Until I get my debts paid you will have to live with another family. “NO, MOM I WANNA STAY WITH YOU!!!! WAHHH, WAHHH, WAHHH” Mrs.Swampie yanks Jonah out of his chair and forces him to walk into the building. “Foster Care or Adoption” says the young assistant.” “ Mrs.Swampie : Well actually I already have a drop off date for my son with a … Mrs.Fratze ?” “Oh yes. Mrs.Swampie we have been expecting you, please sit here while we wait for your foster parent to come pick up the boy.” The door opens and the shingles dance, there she is, Mrs.Fratze. “ Ok now Jonah, this woman is gonna take good care of you, so please try to be on your best behaviour
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