Creative Writing: The Awakenings

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“Young girls, without their mothers to take care of them, are very apt to into mischief”, said Proserpina’s mother, Ceres, but little did she know she would be correct. Proserpina goes and vistits the sea nymphs, and after she is done visiting she does exactly what her mother feared. Proserpina goes out to the forest to look at the beautiful flowers. One shrub caught her eye, she almost felt tempted to go closer. She pulled at the shrub and a hole began to form and kept “spreading wider and wider, and growing deeper and deeper, until it really seemed to have no bottom: and all the while, there came a rumbling noise out of its depths, louder and louder, and nearer and nearer, and sounding like the tramp of horses’ hoofs and the rattling of wheels.
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