Creative Writing: The Baby That Changed Rhonda's Life

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The Baby That Changed Rhonda’s Life On the cool, crisp, overcast Seattle morning of December, 16, 1997, Rhonda Crane and her husband Scott were planning on giving birth and welcoming their first child to the world. Anxious, eager, and overwhelmed with countless forms of emotions, the couple speedily approached the Seattle Swedish Hospital parking lot in their white 1997 Plymouth Voyager Minivan and arrived approximately 30 minutes before their appointment at 9 o’clock. As the young couple parked their minivan near the hospital’s main entrance, Scott, with a tall medium build, buzz cut brown hair, and sky blue eyes, sprung out of the car, slammed his door shut, and rushed to the passenger side where Rhonda was patiently waiting to be assisted…show more content…
Rhonda then slammed the door shut, tightly grasped her husband’s hand, and nervously walked with her husband to the hospital’s main entrance taking frequent deep breaths to cope with the nerves. The parking lot was covered with puddles from the lingering rain drops and the smell of wet concrete was dominant in the outside aroma as both Rhonda and her husband came near the entrance of the white colored hospital with countless amounts of square windows. After the quick thirty second walk to the hospital from their car passing many evergreen colored trees, Rhonda and her husband approached the main hospital sliding doors which swished open as they came near letting all of the chilled Seattle air flood lobby. After the hospital doors closed shut, Rhonda released her grip from her husband’s hand and wobbled over to the check-in desk where they both were greeted by a female receptionist in her mid-thirties with long brown hair pulled back into a tight ponytail with deep brown eyes. “Hello! How may I help you today?”, the nurse asked in an upbeat manner. “Hi! My name is Rhonda Crane and I am here to check into my appointment with Dr.Harvey at 9 o’clock who will be delivering my baby. I received a phone call from the nurse this morning and she told me that Dr.Harvey requested that I come in today to have my baby
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