Creative Writing : The Consequences Of My Life

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“Just put down the gun…” someone had said as Phillip now stood silent and blank-faced. He and his friends then remained motionless as they stared nervously at the weapon’s barrel. From just off to the side, Boyd continued to cover the footage as the transmission stayed live broadcasting the feed to Phillip’s world. “I knew I would find you,” the stranger expressed derisively, his voice hoarse with contempt as he stepped forward and was now close enough so that Boyd could capture him in the camera’s shot. “Did you think you were just going to get away with all of this? With what you’ve done?” “I haven’t done anything,” Phillip responded, sensing his own voice being a little shaky. “None of my people have done anything wrong.” “You…show more content…
“Well, Phillip Spencer,” Lorenzo said, seeming to seethe in his own fastidiousness. “I’ll tell you. You see… when a slug gets out and isn’t put back right away someone needs to own up for that royal blunder because we just can’t have escaped slugs running around the building all willy-nilly. Someone needs to pay for that fuck up! And I’ll give you one guess, Phillip Spencer, as to just who it was that ended up being the patsy for your escape?” As Lorenzo’s abjectness seemed to be coming to a boil, Claire edged her way over to Phillip and took his hand once more as a symbol of solidarity. The others also seemed to become a little more tightly knit around Phillip during Lorenzo’s tirade. Boyd stayed with the camera shot. Sean stayed with the computer feed. “You went down for me getting away,” Phillip acknowledged. “You were the fall guy for what I did.” “Exactly!” Lorenzo exclaimed as he flippantly waved his gun around in the air like a madman. Unbridled chaos was beginning to materialize all around in Phillip’s world. After the populace having witnessed Inez, Wendy, and Cary’s disappearance… that, coupled and compounded by Phillip’s broadcast of himself—the missing boy—having returned from the other side… returned from having been called home… it all seemed to be enough to push those who were, as of late, sensing the change in themselves and in their world to become a bit more adventurous and to try the leap for themselves. And, slowly, as

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