Essay on Creative Writing: The Fall of Black Tide

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The fall of Black tide.

The cold metal taste in mouth and the dripping siliva on the pillow.
The time, the mechanical ticking of time outside, 'oh why cant everybody just shut up for 5 more minuts'. Casey turned and burried his head below his set of pillows.

She stood there looking at her brother, sweating in the bed. She could see that the years have been gentle to him and he didnt have any clear burns or further sympthoms of the sun. Casey was not big but rather small and seeing him lying and turning as if climbing and conquering a mountain made her feel uncomfortable. She turned to the right and she could see her tighs, her curves in the mirror and it made her feel sick inside. No matter how much she didnt eat, she was getting bigger. 'Two more moons, and you are going to explode Carla', she said to herself.
She looked at the room and saw a bottle of water standing on the table. She picked it up nonchalant and poured some into the glass. Bottled water was since years a luxery, but the rich didn't bulge. They still bought the water and continued living like nothing has occured. She brought the glass to bed. 'Casey', she whispered softly. But he didnt hear and continued snorring. 'Casey' she raised the tone of her voice.
Casey looked up and she wondered who or what he saw in his eyes. Did he see his sister or just a meaning less fat pasticizi.
She chuckled at her nerves and gave him a smile.

'Yes, Karla?' Does my dad require my attendance, my mother…