Creative Writing: The Game

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Swoosh, the puck went past James as the opposing team tried to clear it. I, the team captain and role model on ice, backpedaled and skated as hard as I could, to try and retrieve it so we could continue with our power play. My team’s biggest rival, the Knights and their league leading scorer, Brian Daley - who I am tied with him for the league scoring title coming into today were tied for first in the league. Whoever won tonight’s match would be the first seed in the playoffs, facing off against the easy Jets. Back to the game now, oh, why can't James do anything right? In my eyes, it was a mistake that could cost us a goal. It's only the first minutes of the game and he already cost us a scoring opportunity. Does he want to win or not? Does…show more content…
I squared my hips and landed a brutal punishing check to his side and he flopped down on to the ice like a barbecued hamburger. The whistle sounded and the ref put his arms in a perpendicular position. He laid on the ice, all still and whimpering, which added on to the sympathy that he received from the arena. Oh, my God, that was such a clean hit. Don't be a baby an suck it up. It's hockey, grow up and play the game. If you can’t play, then quit the game. And ref, I didn't charge or use my stick. Are you blind? Maybe actually pay attention to the game. Learn how to ref before you come in a game. Ref, it was all my fault. I'm so sorry for everything. I'll serve the penalty. Brian, are you hurt? I promise I won't do it again. I went to the penalty box to serve my two minutes for my infraction. There, the opposing team's fans sat right behind me, jeering and booing me constantly. Telling me how I needed to go to rehab for my anger outbursts, how I needed to wash my uniform constantly because it stunk. But I was thinking there, you come here to watch a game, not taunt the other team. If you can't do it, maybe you should just be quiet and go to a mental asylum so that you can learn about the morals of life and be a decent human being who doesn’t randomly insult people. The hit was my fault. I'm sorry for hurting one of your team players. Please, let us all watch the game. I’m sure you don’t want to miss Brian’s heroics on
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