Creative Writing: The Haunted House

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I stumbled home from the haunt, Drunk from the night of excessive drinking. Staggering inside the house, The dreadful brute was at my feet. That dire cat -- Haunting me-- following me-- Awake. Asleep. I see that beast, every ware. As I went up the stairs as if I were in a daze, and the beast was behind me. Anxiously a site picturing the cat. Everywhere that feline. The more I pictured the more I drank every where I saw that beast. Back and forth from the bar. I feel more comfortable in that retched bar than at home with my wife, and that cat. Terrorizing me, following me. I see him even at the bar now following me. Inside my head. Alas, I finally snap. One day I was stumbling home from the haunt. As I was walking as saw the felines head on a human body. I don't know what it was but that day I could not take it. I withdrew my pen-knife and I stabbed him. I stabbed him. It felt good. Real good. When I finally got home the brute was their. Waiting for my arrival. I lost it. I took it to the kitchen. And slashed it. And slashe it. And slashed it. Its head popped off. When I was done with it you could not tell what had happened. I was grinning. I sighed. I knew I had to get rid of that ratchet cat's body. If not I might face chastisement. I had to secure my Felicity. I took the body and the head to a hole in…show more content…
No answer. I called for my wife again. No answer. I heard the pitter patter of claws on the ground. It was the beast. How could this be I asked myself. I went to the wall and broke it. Their lied my wife. At least what was left of her. I dropped to my knees. My bosom felt heavy. Tears run down my face. I could not live with myself. I was to turn myself in. I could not bear what I have done. On my was out I spotted the cat. I kicked it as hard as I can. And screamed you did this to me. I went to the police station and told them everything. The put me in the jail cell. Their faces when I told them. I was
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