Creative Writing: The King Of Wolves

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The sun held high in the cobalt, no clouds not even a slug of one hung in the sky to befriend the lonesome sun that blazed with life. Every thing was quiet and not in anyway unlike the day before it. Except for the agonizing screaming, that would make a choir cry, coming from the open field. There lay the King of Wolves, Alexander Ashworth , a small group of onlookers had gathered around him. Not one bent down to help. "AHhh AHHhh! Alexander yelled out in pain. The group backed up, from their previous encounters with Alexander he turned into a wolf the size of a lion and mauled the nearest thing with a heart beat or not, it simply didn't matter. But he didn't making everyone get an eye-full of it. Alexander still lie on the ground yelling…show more content…
The man immediately dropped next to Alexander and felt his head. It burned hot, like a burning torch that had gone too low to the holders hand. This made the man pull his hand back and shake it off as if it was a bug. "Man, tell me what is wrong. Not as the king of this land, but someone you are protecting." The king wiped in self doubt and self loathing. The king looked around to find the onlookers had gathered further away, not only that, but wolves had appeared out of the nearby forest that served as a border. The king looked down on the wolf king, he understood it meant death. The king let a tear fall down his cheek. What did this mean for his kingdom and everyone inside of it? "I'm sorry, Kevin, but my Goddess sees it fit for her warrior to come back,"he said slowly as not to choke on his own saliva," to her place beside her." The wolf king whispered as if something had put a dagger in his neck prevented him from speaking. He closed his eyes, but they reopened in a moment. Revealing his teal green eyes ,the color of silk,filled with hurt, misery and…show more content…
He sucks a glance at the onlookers. There still stood there ground the wolves were pawing at the earth like they had found something. The humans just stood there, some with wood in their hand others not even hiding they were watching a powerful King scream in pain. "Goodbye Kevin, I'll come back soon,look up not at your and my people." Alexander mumbled pointing his head up his voice weak and cracked. He did so, the moon was clear as if it was midnight. Alexander's body shook uncontrollably and fell and the moon slowly faded away. His humanity now dead, he now stands by his goddess. "Prepare the body for burial. I want this over by noon," King Kevin told the group of onlookers," so be done with your mourning by then," With that he turned and walked off to his castle. Silently he wished to never met Alexander he stopped as he was just about to go over the grassy hill and turned his cheek, " I don't want to hear as much as a whisper of his name in fact I want everything of his to burn. Everything shall burn! Am I
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