Creative Writing: The Landlady Ending

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The landlady Ending The landlady took Billy up to his room. Once Billy got to his room, he unpacked everything that he had brought with him. The landlady came into his room and told him that he had to go and sign the book downstairs. “ Name and address, please.” she said. Billy went to go downstairs and sign the book, but going down, he tripped and fell down three steps, then he went back up two stairs, then back down eight more stairs. Once Billy reached the bottom he fell on his butt, rolled over and spun on his head, and then he just kept rolling all the way until he banged into the stand that the book was sitting on. The heavy book fell right on his nose. While his nose was bleeding, he stood up and signed the book. While he signed the book he noticed two familiar names. “ Albert Einstein and Thomas Jefferson.” he thought aloud. Maybe he had seen these names on the back of a cereal box. Billy had no time to think about the names, he forgot to take his bladder pills. “ I gotta pee!” he shouted very loudly. Billy ran to the bathroom, while he was using the bathroom he said, “Those people in the book are very old. That makes me think, how old is this lady?” “Don't worry about that.” said a high pitched…show more content…
Billy walked up to the pole then he pulled the pole and a door lifted up. ¨ This must be a secret passage, I new there was something weird about this lady.¨ Billy went through the secret passage, which seemed like a long tunnel that was going nowhere. Finally Billy saw the light. Once he reached the end of the tunnel he got out and saw the landlady in a witch outfit holding a magic wand, with her were two large bullfrogs. She must have turned the two people that signed the book into frogs. ¨ I knew it ¨ said Billy. The landlady then turned around and saw Billy. ¨Well, well, look who we have here.¨ said the witch. Then she turned Billy into a bullfrog. ¨Ribbit.¨ said the
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