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I remember the day with clarity. Yet, I remember it with an ancient feel of age and a deep ache. I don't quite remember what she looked like in those last moments, but I do remember how her blood stained the earth a beautiful crimson.

We were playing in a field, she was ranting on about how beautiful the day was, while I merely tried to walk nonchalantly back to the house so I could hopefully get out of the blistering heat. She would spastically tug on my arm, trying to get me to move faster towards the long grass, while I simply walked in the opposite direction, pulling her with me. She would did her heels into the soft earth, gouging it and leaving trenches behind, exposing the deep rich soil of the underground.

We would always hang
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His cocksure attitude seemed to actually form in the air around him. His long silver hair was pulled back into an unkempt ponytail.

I hated him already.

“Alright, my name is Sho, and if you guys don’t remember it, then you all will have some troubles in the future!” The figure in question leaped down from the box of crates he was standing on and strode, no, strutted through the crowd until he came face to face with me. He looked down in order to meet my eyes, then swiftly grabbed my arm and started dragging me towards a more isolated part of the town.

I immediately started struggling as I was sure that I looked like a fool. Unfortunately, all my struggling did was kick up dust and cause the beet blush to spread farther up my neck.

I was jolted from my embarrassed stupor when the silver haired fiend dumped me onto the stone path.

Glaring angrily at him, I dusted off my pants and choppily stood up.

“You know what it’s like, don’t you.”

I looked up to meets Sho’s gaze. Surprisingly, instead of the arrogant, cocksure look he held before, Sho held an expression of deep pain and longing.


Sho sighed and ran his hand through his ponytail. “You have lost someone close to you.”

I opened my mouth for a rebuttal, but was cut off by Sho. “Don’t try to deny it! I can see it. He gestured to my face, “It

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