Creative Writing: The Liar's Lament '

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The phone on the Liar's Lament reverberated an earsplitting bell, which echoed through the Hastings barn home. Alerting that it's a liars turn. Hannah went last time, who's turn is it now? Spender hears the ring, and sends an SOS to the liars. In 20 minutes everyone is there Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Alison. The phone shakes on the table. The phone rapidly changed images of all their faces. It finally landed it was Spencer’s turn. “Truth or Dare” the game read. Spencer picked dare. Visit a sick friend it read with an image of Toby's face. Once all the liars left except for Spencer the phone ejected an envelope. With fear and trembling fingers Spencer opened it, the envelope contained a map and a hotel key. The map wasn't directions it symbolized the end. Final turns of the end game. All of the liars except Spencer were in orange jumpsuits going to Rosewood prison on the map. Soon after Spencer analyzed the map. A letter sprung from the Liar’s Lament. Reading the address of the Radley Hotel, and a time to be there 8:30 in the parking lot.…show more content…
Spencer sat perplexed. As to why AD or uber A or reincarnated Noel Khan wanted to meet her alone. Also, why she wasn't in the car on the map, that the game printed. The questions played on repeat in Spencer's mind. All this time Spencer was with the game, the Liars went home. Trusting that Spencer would keep them in the loop about the game. Spencer felt it was best to listen to A, and go alone. Due to past experiences the liars have had with not following instructions given by A. Spencer knew that she didn't have much idle time. So she texted Emily that she needed a ride to the station to meet with Marco. She planned on walking to Radley from
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