Creative Writing: The Live of a Teenage Girl During the Nazi Regime

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Imagine for a moment that you are a simple teenage girl. You wake up in the morning, tired from staying up too late the night before. You have to mentally cerce your body to allow yourself to get out of bed and get ready to go somewhere, and this somewhere is the last place that you want to be. You dread spending your entire day inside the same building in which you find yourself every other weekday. You practically fall asleep in the shower, in your car, and at your desk. You can easily describe yourself in one word: Exhausted. On your way to school you stop to get breakfast, you begin to realize that the price was a couple cents higher than it was when you came here for breakfast yesterday morning. “Taxes must be rising again,” you…show more content…
As you walk in you hear your teacher addressing the class, “This project will help prepare you for being a mother.” Your teacher passes out a sack of flour and a pair of button eyes to everyone; you are enthusiastic that you get to choose a name for your flour baby and dress it however you choose. you learn that you will become responsible for the baby for the next two weeks. you discover that you are going to be graded on how well the baby is taken care of and the condition of the paper sack after the two weeks has ended. Next you go to history, and learn about the Bill of Rights. You find yourself slowly zoning in and out, because after all, you have been learning about this stuff for years. you think back to a teacher you had when you were younger who got fired for teaching against the government’s strict educational guidelines. Afterward you have biology, where you cover the topic of evolution. Many of your classmates ask questions regarding a creator, considering the majority of them are religious. For this they are punished, and the other students laugh at them as they are asked to leave the classroom. “Typical high schoolers,” you mumble. After school you go to work at the bakery where you have been working ever since the economy crashed and your parents decided it would be best for you to help out. As you walk up the sidewalk, you see a sign on the building next door. As you get closer you notice

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