Creative Writing: The Losers In The Dumpster

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The bar had an upbeat vibe to it. It wasn’t the high end bar where you could pay to get your ass kissed and your feet rubbed, but at least you didn’t have to worry about walking outside and getting robbed or stabbed on your way home. It was a fairly unremarkable place, a plain black building, a neon sign outside the only hint to the place being able to serve alcohol. Most meandered around, drinking and talking, with the occasional dance when a rather catchy song found it’s way onto the less than stellar sound system. Until you hit the back corner. As soon as the fifth person had left, a balding man with a thick accent, the atmosphere grew cold as the remaining four stared, or glared at one another. The only woman, a twenty year old with the…show more content…
The troll’s lips curled into a sneer as he slammed the abused flowers into the table top, startling the already twitchy elf, and making the human grimace. “What did you call us?” Plying, his slightly bloodshot eyes meeting her own cybernetic ones, a cold, disinterested look gracing her features. “I called you losers- including you. You got your pay docked by a thousand nuyen. I’m pretty sure you need to learn when you need to keep your mouth shut you freak.” She snarled, posture aggressive, looking scary even though the troll she was facing off with stoof nearly two feet taller than herself. His eyes narrowed as he leaned down to her face, the tusks protruding out from his lower lips nearly brushing against her own face. “Honey, say that again and I’ll pop your ovaries like water balloons.” He hissed, their little ‘confrontation’ drawing the attention of nearly every patron in the bar, the ones closest shifting away. You could feel the tension between the woman and the troll, it was almost if the other was daring them to move, so a fight could start. The elf had to keep himself from laughing at the threat, while the human moved to stand between the
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