Creative Writing: The Maze

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He woke up in a cold sweat on the floor of a strange, rusty iron elevator, there were steel barrels, crates, and coils of rope. He felt the elevator stop and he could faintly hear people talking above him. Suddenly, big iron doors above him swung open and he was blinded by the light that came out. “Hey there!” a voice said. “Well you must be confused, let me help clear things up a bit. I’m Ethan, I run things around here”. “Huh? What’s going on, where am I?” “You’re at what we call ‘The Maze.’ Here let me show you around. Over there, that is the main house, that is the farm, those are the woods, and those big doors, they’re the entrance to the maze. Do not go in there.”
“Wait, why can’t I go there?”
“Because it’s dangerous, there are creatures
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“Why would you need to run through there to map it?”
“So we can find an exit, and we think we might be close! There’s just one problem”.
“What’s that?”
“Well, it’s being guarded by grievers. You do know what a griever is right?”
“Yea, have you guys ever killed one?”
“Nope, we’re not even sure they can be killed.”

Suddenly he felt the ground shake and a gust of wind come from the huge gaping doors of the maze along with the loud, rumbling sound of what sounded like a horn. He noticed that the opening to the maze was getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller, until it was closed. “What’s going on?” he asked. “At night the doors to the maze close. They open back up in the morning. It’s kind of an alarm clock when it goes off in the morning”.
“I can imagine”.
“Well, you know tomorrow morning would be a perfect time to see if he is fit enough to be a runner Ethan”.
“You think so?”
“Well, it’s settled, tomorrow morning you’ll take the runner test”.
“What do I need to become a runner?”
“Well first you need to pass a test”
“What’s the test?”
“The test is an obstacle course. It gives sort of an idea of how well you’ll do in the maze”. Ethan then showed Cameron to the main house and got him settled for the
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Owen was standing outside the main house and showed Cameron to the obstacle course. Cameron started and passed with flying colors. He got Cameron set up for the journey out into the maze. They got to where the exit was and saw it was only being guarded by one griever. They sprinted back home and told everyone that the exit was only being guarded by the one. They got the people who were willing to come set up to go to the exit. Ethan and Owen prepared them by giving everyone who was coming a spear, knife, backpack, and a water bottle. They started out towards the exit and still saw just the one griever on the bridge. The bottom of the bridge was invisible in the pitch darkness. It was in a seemingly never ending abyss. The exit was on the other side of the
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