Creative Writing: The Nothing Day

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The walls were a simple shade of something that reminded her faintly of a skintone, tan and light at the same time, if that makes any sense at all. It stayed the same color all the way to the ceiling and the floors, and those were a lighter shade of brown. The trim was a very dark shade of the floor and ceiling, and it went all the way around without stopping, except for the bottom trim that stopped at the black door in front of them.
Other than the beds, there was a single chair inside of the room that was also brown and with a green pillow that matched the bed, and there was also a very simple table in the middle of the room. On it, there were some papers that looked like they said things about where the meeting place was founded and how
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She saw a small place where you could shower, and then she realised that she hadn’t taken the time to get permission from one of the Yellers to go shower with all of the others that do in days. She wondered how long it had been since she did… Maybe it was the day before the Nothing Day? It had to be.
She felt very filthy just then once she started to think about it, and the one desire that she had was to go inside of the shower and clean herself as soon as she could. She went inside of it to look at it, and when she did, she saw that there was also the scented soap that was next to the sink, however, it was in a little bottle that looked like the bottle of Folli that she saw before. Unlike the Folli, it was very small and the cap was very tall and looked easy to take off, well, easier than the other cap.
She took the cap off of the bottle of soap, and smelled the pale blue assumed to be pure
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She thought about how nice it was even compared to where she was then and there, and she wondered what kind of soaps he treated himself with when he took his showers. He thought about the drinks that were on the table in his room, and she thought about how comfortable his bed must be compared to her own. She thought about how well he must be, living in a world and life like the one that he lives in there, and how wonderful everything is to him.
She thought about the food that he ate that must be nothing compared to the food that she ate in Evindr (no matter how unbelievable that sounds), and she thought about the clothes that he wore that must be made better than the ones that she was given to, especially the dress that she had that was now filthy beyond reason at this point, torn and messed up. She thought about how much better his life must be compared to her own, compared to anyone’s own…
She didn’t know if it was a bad thing for her to be thinking of such things, for her to think that she must be unsatisfied with what she had. She then decided that she was indeed satisfied, and that nothing could change her mind that everything that she had and everything that was given to her then was all that she needed and nothing
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