Creative Writing: The Preparation to Build a Time Machine

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There had been many talks on constructing one, yet no one had tried or began. No one had the resources he had or the skills and dedication he had. He had started working and planning on it three hours to four hours because he believed he could do it and that he would do it. David Sanchez’s supervisors and other executive directors waited patiently as he began setting up. “You all know I am trying to bend space-time. To conquer what time meant for one of the most famous scientists of all time, Einstein, the fourth dimension. But I wish to take one step further. We, my team of scientists and I have found out it can be possible to travel time, ladies and gentlemen, without exotic matter,” Sanchez said, walking on the stage, staring sharply at his audience.
“So far, we have understood that in order to do so, we must travel faster than the speed of light. Before we construct the machine, however, we also need to understand time. Astronomer Carl Sagan believes time is ‘resistant to a simple definition.’ This means, time cannot be explained just by the tick of the hand on our watches and clocks, nor can it be defined by seasons and sunrises. We must understand that time is so much more complex, that it cannot exist without space and vice versa. This is a space- time continuum.”
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In the laboratory of the…
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