Creative Writing: The Resurrection

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The Resurrection The boy’s eyes were half open, yet everything he saw was opaque: a shadow by his bed, and a drop of sunshine from the window. He just simply laid there, with no words, and even no emotions. Slowly, his eyelids lifted upwards, like a giant stone being lifted up by many strong men. His eyes were finally open, the eyes full of drowsiness and confusion. The boy’s name is Wallace, and he has been in a coma for 23 days. The shadow by his bed is a man from the town of Amarak called Campbell whom has been taken care of him for the last 23 days. “Oh, boy!” said Campbell, “Thank god you are finally awake.” Wallace was puzzled.He did not say anything back at once, but just after a rough few seconds, he suddenly started to ask , “Who am I?”, “Where am I?”...“Who am I?”, “Where am I?”....His face turned pale and his body was trembling as those repeated words came out of mouth over…show more content…
Campbell did answer, he took a deep sigh and walked out of the door, he couldn’t help, there is no way that he can find his memory back. The next morning, everyone in the town woke up glowingly and soberly. That day is what the Amarakans call the Sympathy Day. A day that they celebrate in order to convey their feelings of compassion towards all the citizens who are still suffering in Imperium, a giant empire led by an emperor called Draco, and protected by his soldiers, the Fanatics. Later in the morning, Wallace woke up, leaving behind all his questions from yesterday, Campbell took him to town, where for the first time Wallace has acted like a normal boy. He glanced around the town with the shimmering light in his eyes. “It’s the Sympathy Day.” said Campbell, pointing at the flag of freedom that is waving in the sky. Wallace said nothing back, he knew that Campbell was nice to him, but in Wallace’ s mind, everything around him seemed to be things that he didn’t belong to. He just couldn’t get rid of the fear the controlled him from the
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