Creative Writing: The Sacrifice

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The Sacrifice “Move! Keep moving! Don’t stop!” Charlie tells Danny and I. Nothing but darkness surrounds us, the only light we have is from the angry strikes of lightning. I feel the rain piercing my skin like a thousand angry bees stinginging their greatest enemy. I keep moving. The wind is getting stronger and stronger. OUCH! I tripped over a fallen branch and hit the ground. Hard. I can hear my little brother, Danny, yelling at Charlie to stop. “Liz! Are you okay?” He helps me to my feet. I can feel someone, no, something watching us, closely, very closely.
We start running again and find a cave behind a few bushes. We crawl inside after Charlie makes sure there isn’t anything living there. Its getting closer. Watching every move we make. Once we are inside, I sit up and lean my head back onto the
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It’s getting closer. Much closer. Charlie looks at me and says, “Move back and protect Danny, now.” Without hesitation I move Danny to the back of the cave and sit in front of him. Charlie peers out of the opening of the cave and through the opening of the bush. Looking around his head I can see a ray of moonlight that has broken through the huddle of dark clouds. I see a shadow fly across the ray of moonlight casting on the trees. My heart stops. I see the shadow go by again. Closer and closer. My heart begins to pound. It’s getting closer. My heart is racing. I wait. Charlie moves away from the bush and back to Danny and I, “Do not make a sound,” he whispers. “BOOM!” Charlie and I look up and the bush, the bush hiding us from the creature, is gone. The creature. It’s on the ground. In front of the cave. We are going to die. We sit shaking with fear as the creature stares with it’s red beady eyes into the cave. It moves back from the opening of the cave and it gets quiet. We can’t see him. OUCH! I get slammed against the cave wall. I hear Charlie yell, “DANNY!” The creature’s hairy arm slides past me. Danny slides past me. Danny?
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