Creative Writing: The Wargals

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Silence, you hear nothing up on this beautiful hill
The vibrant flowers dance in the wind with skill,
Then a grunt, then two
Suddenly the air is filled with a cadence of hideous noises, but, who?
The Wargal’s are coming

You are a soldier, you sit atop an earthen mound,
Protective spikes arranged all around
You sharpen your gleaming sword
Those who have not heard the grunts sit, bored
The Wargal’s are coming

You envy those hard of hearing
A scout, locating the enemy looks around the bend, slowly peering
5 eternal minutes tick off the clock
Your hear the squeal of a bird as the cooks kill a cock
The Wargal’s are coming

The sound of armour and weapons bumping reaches your ears
Again the scout peers and peers
Still more men stir, hearing the sound
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Minutes crawl of the clock,
And still the Wargal’s stare, seeming to mock
Seconds pass like minutes, minutes like hours
Standing there the Wargal’s seem, to have unimaginable powers
The Wargal’s have arrived

Just as the stress has reached it’s so called limit
An earsplitting shriek ripped through the air, you couldn't bear it
You looked at the Wargal’s fear in your eyes
You had no idea a sound so tremendous could happen, you are surprised
The Wargal’s have arrived

Sure they will charge and break through your defense
You brace your body and prepare for the fighting to commence
One sits, then two, the pull out their tents
Sitting is their intent
The Wargals are…. Relaxing?

You have never been so shocked in your lifetime
You had thought it was fight time,
But for the Wargal’s it was sit and relax and wait to fight
You are happy they are not attacking, but you know they will attack at first light
They Wargal’s are.. are.. waiting for their
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