Creative Writing: Town Square

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On a hot summer day in small town called Town Square. It was a small town with only 200 people living in it. In a house on 56th street lived a 16 year old boy. His name of Jimbo and who lived his 10 year old brother and His Mom and Dad. The lived in that small house of 13 years. It was June 14, 2035. It was first year collage for Jimbo, he was very scared of bullies and gruesome people. The problem was jimbo had a major anger issue. At his first day of school he went to his first day of class and another college student tripped Jimbo. Jimbo fell to the ground and had a bloody nose. While he was getting up he got sacked. The other college students name was Randy.
“What the hell was that for” said Jimmy
“ Nothing, it was for the fun of seeing you fall” exclaimed Randy “ Well hope nothing bad happens to you” Jimmy
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Scared to know what his punishment was he walked slowly to his house only to be greeted by his mom
“How was your day honey” mom said
‘It was fine mom” exclaimed Jimbo
“Are you sure I got an email that you got expelled from the last school that will actually accept you.” Mom said
“But,But,But I didn’t do anything wrong” exclaimed Jimbo
“ We have no where to you in school, I hate that it has to come to this but now we have to put you in military school” stated his mother
“Noooooooooo” screamed Jimbo
“We will enrol you tomorrow” mom stated
It was the next morning. Jimbo woke up very tired and walked down the small stairs with his hand shaking hoping for some good news. As he walked to the table knowing that he would have to go to militaryy school he ate his pancakes like this was the last time he wouuld have breakfast.
“Well ready to go honey” mom said
“ Yes ,I’m ready to go see the school
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