Creative Writing: Twisted Castles In The Enchanted Forests

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One foggy and cloudy Halloween night there was an enchanted forest and in the enchanted forest and in the enchanted forest there were two haunted castles. One belonged to a Zombie Queen named Taylor Anderson. The other castle belonged to a Vampire Queen named Kayley Bowers. I'll give you a hint. I'm the Vampire Queen and my friend is the Zombie Queen. A few days later the Vampire Queen had a daughter named Sarah Clark, so she celebrated that moment. Then the Zombie Queen wanted her own child, so she tried to take Sarah but she couldn't so she left. The Vampire Queen and the Zombie Queen were never best friends ever again until something magical happened. After a while the Zombie Queen had a baby named Stormy Walls, so she celebrated that moment and she missed having friends but she was still mad at the Vampire Queen. A few days later the princesses grew up. Everytime their moms are in the castles Sarah and Stormy play together, but when …show more content…

with some little animal help so Sarah sings and a lot of animal's come's and Stormy say's whoa cool power's so then Sarah say's thank's you too. So let's go tell our mom's the real truth that happened that day.We should go now so Sarah transformed into a bat and carried Stormy by her wrist and flew away to find her mom and Stormy's mom so they were looking and looking until they found their mom's. Then Sarah flew down and let go of Stormy so she could transform back into a Vampire. So then they walked to their mom's and said we have to tell you what really happened that day when I was born mom Sarah said, grabbing her mom's hand's and pulling her to her feet to tell her mom the truth of what really happened so she said mom the Zombie Queen was pregnant with her own child that day she wasn't trying to take me she was trying to hold me that's why she was putting her hands out to hold

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