Creative Writing: Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Millie was spooning soup into bowls when she heard a thump, then a yelp. She almost rolled her eyes when she realized what had happened. He had fallen off the couch. Sure enough, when she walked into the living room he was propped on one elbow, holding his head with the other, his legs tangled in the blankets. She tried to hold in a laugh, but failed as a small giggle slipped out. He turned his head towards her with confused eyes. "Wha?"

His husky, tired attempt at speech caused her to snort, then she got down to business, crouching beside him and asking the questions the doctors on the television always asked their concussed patients. "What is your name?"

He blinked at her slowly before responding confidently but still drowsily, "Jonathon Stenton."

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He still had more questions of course. She rolled her eyes and got comfortable; this would be a long night. 

Mister Stenton began, "A cabin? Wait, let me get this straight," he turned towards her with a wince as his bruises were jostled, "you live in a cabin, alone may I add since there are no other people here or evidence of any people, and you must be, what, sixteen?"

"Seventeen," Millie corrected, "and don't complain or lecture. You owe me that much for saving your life. Speaking of which, I'll have to get someone to get your belongings from your car before the tow truck gets it. I don't feel like leaving you to travel down this mountainous death trap in the snow, especially in that clunker."

She mumbled the last part, because she could not really complain. Mister Stenton started again, "So I crashed...yes I did! I was on my way home from the holidays and...ow."

He clutched at his head. She stood and grabbed the acetaminophen bottle from her purse. "Migraine, to be expected, you probably hit your head pretty hard in the crash. Plus, who knows how long you were in the car. It could also be dehydration.
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